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What is Clinical 3DMA?

Clinical 3DMA is a full-body, 3D motion analysis tool specifically developed for the clinical setting. Clinical 3DMA can be the core component in a powerful biomechanics lab. Available protocols include:

  • Human gait analysis.
  • Lumbar / cervical analysis.
  • Individual joint analysis.
  • Running analysis.


Main Features.

Clinical 3DMA is made up of a standard computer and a variable number of optical IR cameras, the number of which depends on the requirements of the user (resolution, capture volume, etc.). Clinical 3DMA handles the motion-capture process in an efficient and user-friendly way, and is fully compatible with a wide variety of peripheral devices, including force and pressure platforms, EMG-Systems, and much more. Clinical 3DMA also includes a friendly and intuitive interface to visualize and analyze the results. The user can also generate customized reports. Clinical 3DMA is constantly evolving and regular software updates are available with no extra charge. In short:

  • Can operate at different data rates, depending on camera model: 50-360 FPS.
  • Affordable full-body capture – also combined with simple protocols.
  • Gait protocols backed by scientific literature and numerous labs worldwide.
  • Automated gait event detection.
  • Sub-millimetric precision for marker tracking.
  • The setup can be adapted to most spaces.
  • Report templates are provided with the system. They can easily be customized by the user.
  • Real-time, 3D view synchronized with the real video.

Clinical 3DMA allows for a quick and robust motion analysis