Body anthropometry

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STT offers a wide range of measurement solutions, ranging from full-body 3D scanners () to devices designed for high-resolution acquisition of specific regions (Podia, ). Additionally, our scanning technology can be adapted to any project specific requirements, talk to us for more information.

Our applications provide a wide range of measuring tools. Automatic and semi-automatic calculation of a rich set of measurements reduces the time needed for a whole subject analysis, while manual tools offer the maximum flexibility for on-the-fly needs of our users.

Built-in measurements satisfy ISO 7250-1, and include:

  • Body height and depth.
  • Neck girth.
  • Shoulders width and height.
  • Chest girth, breadth and depth.
  • Hip girth, breadth and depth.
  • Crotch height.
  • Armpits height.
  • Biceps girth.
  • Thighs girth.
  • Knees height.
  • Calves girth.
  • Feet length and breadth.
  • Instep length and height.

Semi-automatic measurements are based on the definition of body landmarks (for example, the elbow or the sphyrion), that are lately used in the calculation. Users can select a sub-set of measurements to reduce clutter in both the screen and reports, guaranteeing a minimum number of landmarks to be defined.

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