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STT’s 3D scanners based on laser or structured light quickly provide a high density point cloud with great precision. These point clouds can be imported to the point cloud software developed by Metrologic Group®, thus completing a powerful measurement tool.



  • Capture of data (generation of the point cloud) with STT’s 3D scanner.
  • Import of the point clouds to Metrolog® through different formats.
  • Point filtering.
  • Elimination of incoherent points.
  • Alignment of point clouds with the CAD model.
  • Alignment based on Optimisation in all or in a selection of data from the point cloud.
  • Fast and accurate analysis of the cloud using direct projection on the component’s CAD file.
  • Automatic or manual extraction of elements based on geometry or surfaces freely available.
  • Programme-based or manual dimensional analysis and generation of detailed graphic measurement reports available in multiple formats.
  • Printing or export of results in said text-file or standard formats.

3D metrology abilities

  • Complete measurement of surfaces.
  • 3D measurement of specific surface points.
  • Measurement of edge points (trimming/edge/rounded edges, etc.).
  • Measurement of rim lengths.
  • Continuous lines of trimmed and clipped edges.
  • 3D point-to-point distance measurement.
  • Measurement of combined points (virtual intersection).
  • Measurement of size, centering and 3D position of closed features (round/groove/rectangular orifices, etc.).
  • 3D measurement of points of relative interest to a previously measured dimension.
  • Measurement of sphere centres and diameters.
  • Diameter and height measurement of cylinders.
  • Measurement of symmetry points between features.
  • Measurement of cross-sections.

Analysis capacities and 3D measurement reports

  • Measurement of the complete surface compared to the CAD and/or the virtual master component.
  • Visualisation of the surface deviation analysis 3D colour map.
  • On-screen histogram of the surface deviation, based on defined tolerances.
  • Visualisation of colour-coded deviations for points, features and edges measured.
  • Deviation of complete edge line compared to the CAD, and 3D visualisation of the real edge position.
  • 3D visualisation of the real position and orientation of closed features.
  • Highlight dimensions inside/outside tolerance compared with their GD&T configurations.
  • Analysis of virtual and digital assembly to check and join components.
  • Numerical tables for all measurable dimensions and links to 3D visualisations.
  • 2D analysis of cross-sectional measurement results (distances, angles, etc.).
  • SPC visual analysis for multiple measurements (comparison, interval, average, etc.).
  • Adjustment of tolerances and generation of master components from multiple measurements.
  • Percent-in-spec (PIST) and Cp/Cpk reporting for multiple measurement results.
  • Automatic generation of simple or multiple result reports, using pre-defined or personalised templates.