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Modern 3D surface scanning systems can obtain accurate and repeatable digital representations of the foot shape. These systems are now affordable to a great public and present opportunities for researchers investigating the foot and for manufacturers of foot related apparel and devices, particularly those interested in producing items that are customised to the individual.

3D scanning and CAM have revolutionized the manufacturing of shoes, speeding up the design process of the last and increasing the precision of the measurements, and therefore, the overall quality, comfort and satisfaction of the final user.

STT provides several key systems for this new design workflow. Our 3D scanners are able to quickly get a digital copy of client’s feet while the software accompanying them helps the user to take the most of the digital models.

Podia is a highly versatile and precise system, able to obtain a 3D model from the surface of the foot in a matter of seconds and with sub-millimetric precision. On the other hand, ScanStudio software provides a database of patients and scans, as well as automatic and semi-automatic measurement tools specific for foot analysis, and Insole Designer is great for detailed and precise design of insoles.
foot automatic measurement

ScanStudio can take a wide range of automatic and semi-automatic measurement of the foot

Our scanners can be easily integrated with third-party shoe design tools like Delcam CRISPIN ShowMaker and Geomagic FreeForm.