Machine vision turnkey solutions

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Machine vision projects do not usually end with the initial implantation and setting up. They often need adaptations to the evolution and modifications of the analysed products. This is why STT offers both on-site and remote maintenance services and also guarantees exhaustive training for the customer so that they are able to maintain the application if they wish to. The usual work method is as follows:

  • Technical viability study: When starting your machine vision project we travel to your factory to learn about the installation problems and location, and to collect samples. We later analyse them at our offices and look for the most suitable technical solution.
  • On-site validation: Once we have a solution, a prototype of the system is made to validate it in a real productive environment. Thus, we ensure the proper operation of the industrial vision system.
  • On-site assembly: We set up your machine vision project within short periods of time, helping you to solve your problems. It is a turn-key solution.
  • Maintenance: Our machine vision systems do not end with the installation and setting up of the machinery. We continue to offer you remote or on-site maintenance of your vision system.