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Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-simulated environment that resembles reality. VR technology can be used in visualising and training for real-life situations that the user wishes to test and analyse. STT’s motion capture systems make it possible to create accurate movements for virtual reality. Our technology enables the motion traking of full body movements of a human, specific parts of it, or any kind of object.

Optical motion capture systems

RV GRABBER is STT’s optical motion capture solution for virtual reality. The system comprises a variable number of STT cameras depending on the user requirements (resolution, capture volume, etc.) and also the RV GRABBER software package.

The RV GRABBER software handles the motion capture process in real-time and in a user friendly way, and incorporates well-proven interfaces to standard engineering products like VirTools, 3dsMax, MotionBuilder, Vizard, MCC or VRPN. RV GRABBER software includes a sophisticated kinematic analysis module that uses multi-variable optimization techniques to adapt trajectories of the active or passive markers to the different mechanical or kinematic modules. The RV GRABBER software is an integral part of the RV GRABBER system and is used for a wide range of real-time application scenarios with passive markers or active markers, ensuring a consistent user experience.


The RV GRABBER system will meet your needs. Existing customers enjoy the benefits of human and object tracking in real-time with no radio frequency (RF) or metallic interferences, providing a positional accuracy better than 1mm. The motion tracking can be accomplished in spaces as tight as a vehicle cab or cockpit and in spaces as large as 75′ × 75′.

Inertial sensors in virtual reality

Additionally, can be used in combination of head-mounted displays to track the position of head, allowing the user to look around the virtual world in a seamless way, creating a natural and immersive experience.


STT-IBS integrated with Oculus Rift

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