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The requirements in the research field might be very different from those in medical applications. STT products are simple to operate and yet allow the user to get a great deal of data.

  • STT offers to all new customers a period of time for free customization of biomechanical protocols.
  • Exporting raw data is straight-forward. This functionality allows packing the data coming from a capture (either optical or inertial) in standard formats (CSV, Excel) and custom ASCII files.
  • It is possible to synchronize the motion capture engine with additional tools, and then to import the data generated by them.
  • Fully documented APIs and SDKs are available.

Optical motion capture

Clinical 3DMA and EDDO offer sub-milimetric marker tracking, low occlusion rate within capture volume and a wide range of real-time data. Additionally, both systems can be synchronized with a variety of third party systems. Altogether provide a high amount of related data for your biomechanical research.

Inertial sensors

STT’s IMUs (STT-IWS) and iSen are specially adequate for outdoor sessions (where fixed installations are not possible) or in those cases where occlusions are a problem. STT provides a wide range of solutions for data acquisition and analysis, from all-in software packages with 3D real-time rendering and biomechanical analysis, to synchronization with additional devices (EMG, force and pressure platforms) and a low-level SDK for integration into your own capture application.