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A powerful tool to monitor and assess human motion

The combination of a virtual reality package with a motion capture system (like STT’s own technologies) provides abundant information on the human motion in different environments, which is ideal for postural and ergonomic analysis.


Choosing the right motion capture system is vital, and the decision will be determined by certain aspects of the final application. Clinical 3DMA is suitable for indoor, controlled spaces, lab-based studies involving full-body tracking and one or two subjects simultaneously. iSen is ideal for a changing environment, captures in multiple different places or outdoor tracking, and typically for lower-body or upper-body tracking.

The possibilities are endless:

  • Ergonomic studies in the work place.
  • Development of set-up protocols: Using the virtual recreation of different workstations, it is possible to analyse the behaviour of an operator within all of them and to check problems that may occur prior to implementation.
  • Training: Using virtual reality, a person can be trained in the operation of different complex workstations, by observing their reactions when confronted with given situations.

Simulation and display

Virtual reality systems can be used for the simulation and display of virtual prototypes, i.e. objects or constructions that have not yet been manufactured and that only exist in a computer’s memory.

Within these areas, it is worth highlighting:

  • Prototype evaluation: Using motion capture, different prototypes can be evaluated, both in terms of usability and aesthetics.
  • Virtual walks: It is possible to go for virtual walks by yourself, in which the user can interact with the environment using movements or gestures.

For more information about STT’s products in virtual reality, please visit our VR applications section.