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Clinical 3DMA is a powerful 3D biomechanical analysis system developed and refined in laboratories and universities. The technology underneath (real-time optical motion capture) used to be pricey and exclusive, but is now available to everyone.

CLIMA provides fast and accurate data on the biomechanics of cycling. Everything is carried out in an extremely simple way: the system automatically tracks optical markers placed on certain anatomical points. The information obtained is truly 3D and therefore 100% representative of the movement of the cyclist (as opposed to video-based systems, which are limited to a 2D plane and therefore lose information). No need to manually click points after capture. The data is collected and processed instantly by the software.


Main features

  • Real-time 3D reconstruction of motion.
  • Analysis of both sides of the cyclist simultaneously.
  • Synchronize your 3D capture with real-time HD video.
  • Synchronize CLIMA with other devices: force-torque sensors or electromyography.
  • Plots over time for all joints.
  • Easily generate files that can be passed on to the rider: report in PDF and AVI files showing the 3D view.
  • Numerical data: Positions, rotations in all three planes (averages, maximum values, minimum values, ranges).

Analysis procedure

The fitter generally begins with an overall physical assessment of the cyclist (degree of flexibility, range of motion, asymmetries, foot shape and possible alterations in the foot, strength and range of motion of knees, etc.).

The motion can be analyzed using either the cyclist’s bike or a dynamic fit bike. The markers are placed on specific anatomical points and the rider starts pedaling naturally, at a comfortable speed. Data capture can be initiated whenever the fitter wants – he or she just has to click on the corresponding button. The system will automatically detect the markers and start gathering information and displaying a 3D reconstruction of the scene (anatomical points, segments, bones). 10 or 15 seconds will be enough for the analysis. The plots are available even during the capture, and all parameters can be monitored in real-time. Finally, an automatically generated report can be generated.

The specialist has gathered in 5 minutes enough objective data to assess the rider’s posture and dynamics, and can now provide advice and adjust the bike (moving the saddle down, up, forward or backward or levelling it, changing the height, reach and angle of the handlebar, etc.).

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