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STT’s motion capture system for golf swing analysis is called Golf Studio. Some of its main features are:

  • 3D motion capture.
  • Real-time and playback 3D visualisation of the movement.
  • Captures database.
  • Automatic generation of biomechanical curves.
  • Swing planes.
  • Weight distribution.
  • Lines and centre of gravity.
  • Other planes and lines: User-defined point tracking.
  • Automatic movement segmentation.

There are many advantages to 3D swing analysis when compared to traditional video analysis:

  • Scientific analysis: Golf Studio provides a more mathematical approach to analysing golf swings. Using this type of technology, your golf swing can be analysed with greater precision than ever before.
  • 360° swing viewing capabilities: This feature allows viewing your swing from any angle as opposed to commonly used two dimensional video systems, which only show your swing from one angle.
  • Abundant and precise statistics: The Golf Studio System is highly accurate and effective.


Golf Studio uses large projectors to immerse the user in the field