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InThePool, the swimming analysis system developed by STT, has been used in major swimming competitions, like Barcelona 2003 World Swimming Championship and Barcelona 2013 Word Swimming Championship. The vision and analysis system can offer:

  • Accurate and robust machine vision algorithms, allowing groundbreaking automatic analysis of new parameters like stroke frequency and amplitude determination and accurate pass times measurements.
  • Completely automatic reports generation without any user interaction.
  • Real-time activity, performing the analyses and providing the results right after the race is finished.
  • All the cameras can be synchronized and integrated in the same user interface. Therefore the swimmer’s movements can be tracked in real-time both from several points of view.
  • Top and lateral camera views can be processed and used to generate a “virtual camera tracking”, which is extremely helpful for the trainers and experts.
  • Configurable competition reports.


InThePool can provide several user configurable parameters on the swimmer’s performance, such as:

  • 25m, 50m, 75m, etc. split time.
  • Block (from OMEGA timing system) and fight time.
  • Start: Time required for the first 15m, and distance of emerge after start.
  • Turn: Time required and distance of emerge after turn.
  • Average speed in different sections of the pool.
  • Average stroke rate per minute.
  • Finish time of the last 5m.

The application can work together other systems (force plates or supplementary video sources) to provide a more extensible analysis. An existing timing system can be used to synchronize all elements.


The system generates real-time reports that can be automatically included in public websites