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Machine vision

Each machine vision project has its own particular characteristics. At STT we are aware of this and for this reason we offer you all our experience to provide the solutions that are best suited to your industrial environment.



Over the years, STT has developed its own resources, technologies and methods to provide automatic inspection and analysis tools for various applications based on image processing. These solutions are often based on the following software/hardware components, depending on the requirements:
MVTEC / Halconmachine-vision-tech-halcon.jpg
COGNEX / Vision Promachine-vision-tech-cognex.jpg
LMI TECHNOLOGIESlmi-technologies.jpg
Some of these methods and algorithms developed involve:

  • Pattern recognition (correlation, edge, shape descriptors, etc.)
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Classification by SVM (Support Vector Machines)
  • Neural networks
  • Stereo vision
  • Colour inspection
  • Blob analysis
  • Edge processing
  • Laser Triangulation
  • Sub-pixel contour extraction
  • MLP (MultiLayer Perceptron) classifiers
  • GMM (Gaussian Mixture Models) classifiers