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Product configurators

Highly customized software solutions allow companies to interactively define all variants of a certain product. They may include 3D visualizations, blueprints, order forms, management sheets and many other documents. These tools are particularly convenient for applications where dimensions, production material and other features change significantly depending on the order details.

Sample past projects

Kitchen Design

A comprehensive solution for kitchen design

The application allows you to develop a kitchen project from the sketch of the room to the dispatch of the order by telematic means to the manufacturer, including the drawing and representation of the kitchen in 2D and 3D. We thus have a realistic representation of the customer’s concept of the kitchen, with the possibility…

Travelliong Crane

Travelling cranes configured up to the highest level

Travelling cranes are a clear example of a configurable product. Different locations make the number of combinations between possible heights and spans between rails very high and thus the possible number of cranes to be manufactured. The crane configurator allows you to insert the different variations of the crane design with a simple interface. Based…

Water Purifiers

Water purifiers

With water purifiers it is the customer who, depending on the available dimensions and the flow-rate of water to be filtered, determines the dimensions of the deposits. On the other hand the installation conditions and the filtering characteristics condition other types of factors such as the work pressure, the type of filtering elements, etc. All…

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