A comprehensive solution for kitchen design

Sep 18, 2018

The application allows you to develop a kitchen project from the sketch of the room to the dispatch of the order by telematic means to the manufacturer, including the drawing and representation of the kitchen in 2D and 3D. We thus have a realistic representation of the customer’s concept of the kitchen, with the possibility of interactively viewing and modifying it. An added advantage is that the automatic generation of orders prevents errors.

The application includes the following features:

  • Scale drawing of the room, walls, irregularities, doors/windows and installation elements.
  • Easy and intuitive selection and placement of the kitchen elements (modules and appliances).
  • Automatic drawing of linear elements (skirting boards, worktops…).
  • A library of decorative elements and props to give the kitchen a realistic look.
  • Simultaneous representation of the room ground plan (2D) and 3D.
  • Photorealistic rendering to show the finished appearance of the kitchen.
  • Automatic generation of the estimate. In the estimate you can include up to 3 variations of the kitchen with different combinations of model/colour to easily compare prices.
  • The order is sent to the factory via the Internet. This avoids any transcription problems and mistakes, and ensures that the order is delivered intact.
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