Travelling cranes configured up to the highest level

Sep 18, 2018

Travelling cranes are a clear example of a configurable product. Different locations make the number of combinations between possible heights and spans between rails very high and thus the possible number of cranes to be manufactured.

The crane configurator allows you to insert the different variations of the crane design with a simple interface. Based on this data, the necessary documents are instantly generated (offers, manufacturing plans…), offering a level of standardisation difficult to reach using other tools.

The application also issues standard component manufacturing lists that are integrated within the company’s management system.

The crane configurator has the following modules:

  • To obtain the construction plans of the beams. The plans have exploded diagrams of all the components.
  • The resulting plan only offers a global view of the crane. It is used as an implantation plan prior to manufacture. GH’s commercial network uses it to offer cranes.
  • It is combined with the application of offers developed by GH to allow the latter to obtain plans that are accessible with Internet Explorer.

An analogous tool has been developed to obtain plans of industrial and nautical tower cranes.

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