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Clinical 3DMA

A tool developed for rehabilitation, neurological examination and general biomechanics. Clinical 3DMA offers a simple workflow for doctors to look at 3D kinematics, with immediate and visually rich reports and the possibility of synchronizing with force plates, surface EMG and more.

Single joint to full-body assessment
icons/green-realtime.pngREAL-TIMEInstantaneous metrics and graphs
icons/green-3d.pngTRUE 3D360° view of the scene and motion
icons/green-fps.png100-360FPSHigh frame rate ensures finest data
icons/green-precision.pngACCURATEMarker tracking error under 1mm
icons/green-video.pngADD VIDEOSynchronize with reference footage

Lab configuration

Depending on the available space and ultimate application, we will recommend a tailored configuration. Do not hesitate to ask! Contact us.

Lab equipment

  • Motion capture cameras/accessories
  • Calibration and tracking tools
  • High-end consumer-grade computer
  • Software license
  • Synchronized reference video

Hardware configuration

  • Space needed: A minimum of 5x6m area (7×10 or more recommended).
  • Number of cameras: A minimum of 6 cameras (8 or more recommended).
  • Camera frame rate: A minimum of 100FPS, up to a maximum of 360FPS, determined by the camera model chosen.

In-depth Kinematics

Clinical 3DMA is prepared to show a great deal of data for each analysis protocol. Its Kinematic module computes instantly this information, and displays it in different formats through the time graphs, numerics dashboard and report. The following is just an example.

3-axial joint analysisWhenever convenient for data completeness in an analysis protocol, its marker configurations will ensure a proper analysis in all 3 axes.
Event detectionA smart post-processing algorithm will automatically detect relevant events throughout the recording, such as heel strike or toe off.
Automatic mean valuesThe kinematic module will review the entire recording, spot valid cycles and/or events, and use them to compute meaningful statistics.

Software utilities

DatabaseKeep record of your captures for every patient
ExportEasily generate separate files: TRC, (C3D), CSV, AVI
Real-time biofeedbackUser-defined conditions are checked during the capture
Reference videoAdd a simple webcam or high-speed camera

Analysis protocols

Moving from data collection to data processing is a simple process in Clinical 3DMA, with its user-ready ‘analysis protocols’:

  • Gait analysis on adults
  • Gait analysis on children
  • Basic full-body tracking
  • Cervical analysis
  • Lumbar analysis
  • Shoulder analysis
  • Ankle analysis (one or both)
  • Other joints (wrists, hips…)
  • Index of stability and balance analysis (*)

(*) Under construction


External device integration

Complementing the kinematic analysis with additional sources of data is often desirable. Clinical 3DMA can take care of synchronizing all sources and importing the resulting data for a unified review.

ElectromyographyThe Electromyography Sensor (EMG) allows the user to measure the electrical activity of muscles. Clinical 3DMA is able to read EMG signals and synchronize it with the 3D motion capture.
Force platesForce plates allow measuring the ground reaction force and torque during the period of foot contact. The resulting force can be given as a single component (Fz) or in the three components (Fx, Fy, Fz).
Pressure matsFoot pressure plates are the most accurate and cost-effective way to identify the plantar pressure profile. Clinical 3DMA allows the data sync and offline import integration.

Do you have any question?

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