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Cycling 3DMA – Professional Bike fitting

The ultimate solution for 3D cycling analysis and bike fitting, based on optical motion capture. Collect real-time, full-body biomechanical data instantly – then use the system to accurately measure the final bike adjustments in 3D, and hand a detailed, personalized report to the customer.


Full-body bike fitting

From feet to shoulders. Left and right sides. Spine analysis with cervical and lumbar segments. Dynamic tracking of the bike plane.

Cycling 3DMA monitors the entire cyclist’s body in a one-time recording.


100 fps

Data is acquired, processed and displayed at a frame rate of 100 Hz/fps: high enough to ensure a smooth interpolation even on the fastest pedaling cadences. And faster than any bike-fitting tools in the market. Considering the vast set of parameters calculated on each sample, this results in a colosal amount of data at your disposal.


Measure the bike

The same motion capture technology can be used to accurately measure the bicycle after the fitting session.

Specific reports can be generated with a single click for road, MTB, triathlon and time trial bikes.




Instantaneous metrics



360° view of the scene



Set visual or sound alarms



Keep every capture



Track with 1mm error



Synchronized footage


What’s in the box?

  • Cameras, cabling and sync devices
  • Calibration tool
  • Markers and tracking accessories
  • Software security dongle
  • Software installation files
  • Camera wall mounts or tripods
  • Optionally, the computer

Training and support

The purchase includes unlimited remote assistance for the installation as well as the initial training of the user. You can also request on-site assistance, but this is not really necessary in most cases. Our technical team will guide you through the first recordings and tests until you are comfortable — no need to worry about this.
The STT Support Team will assist you with all your technical enquiries and problems concerning hardware and software. Our experienced staff can be reached via Skype, email or directly by telephone. Find out how in the section.

Analysis protocols

Cycling 3DMA includes a set of user-ready ‘analysis protocols’. What exactly are these? Protocols are a combination of software tools tailored to analyze a specific gesture or sport. Each protocol involves a marker configuration, a list of plots, relevant biomechanical parameters, certain automatically calculated events, a dashboard and a report template.

All of these are carefully designed and work together to facilitate user’s job. The goal: to move from data collection on to data processing & results display as fast as possible.

  • Full-body cycling analysis
  • Left-side analysis only
  • Right-side analysis only
  • Road bike measurement
  • TT/Tri bike measurement
  • MTB bike measurement
  • Pre-fitting assessment (*)
  • Feet analysis only (*)

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Features Review

2019 Updates

"I enjoy using the system and I'm not aware of any other which would satisfy my needs as capably as 3DMA"Simon Jackson - Cadence PerformanceUK
"Muy buena la nueva version, los felicito por el trabajo"Mariano Zanotti - CPAFRANCE
"We love using the system you guys created, and it has been working well in our clinic"Aaron Babb - Aevum HealthAUSTRALIA
"Estoy muy contento y satisfecho de haber adquirido el sistema"Pedro López - ErgobikeSPAIN
"One of the best choices I made this year with putting together my analysis tools. Thanks for your support"Dirk-Jan LieuwesTHE NETHERLANDSEkib Cycling
"Estoy muy contento con vuestro sistema y llevo un par de años muy buenos. Mil gracias"Mario Repes - EntrenamosSPAIN
"The Cycling 3DMA is working very well! Thanks for engineering a very good product"Josh PuyearUSA
"Importante upgrade per un programma ancora più completo, per poter offrire un servizio sempre migliore"Filippo Toni - Cycling ProjectITALY

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