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Full-body swing analysis

    ✔ Kinematic sequence

    ✔ Sway, thrust and lift

    ✔ Turn, bend and side bend

    ✔ Centre of gravity / Centre of mass

    ✔ Upper train angles, velocities and accelerations

    ✔ Lower train angles, velocities and accelerations

    ✔ Club info

    ✔ Stance | Backswing | Impact | Follow-through info


From 100 FPS to 360 FPS

The golf swing is one of the fastest movements in sports.

The basic configuration can be enhanced by choosing faster cameras with frame rates reaching even 360 Hz.


What’s in the box?

  • Cameras, cabling and sync devices
  • Calibration tool
  • Markers and tracking accessories
  • Software security dongle
  • Software installation files
  • Camera wall mounts or tripods
  • Optionally, the computer

Analysis protocols

Golf 3DMA includes a set of user-ready ‘analysis protocols’. What exactly are these? Protocols are a combination of software tools tailored to analyze a specific gesture or sport. Each protocol involves a marker configuration, a list of plots, relevant biomechanical parameters, certain automatically calculated events, a dashboard and a report template.

All of these are carefully designed and work together to facilitate user’s job. The goal: to move from data collection on to data processing & results display as fast as possible.

(*) Currently in construction.

  • Swing with club
  • 19 markers full body analysis
  • Putting stroke (*)
  • Swing without the club (*)
Easy marker placement golf-customer-01.jpgReal time results golf-screenshot-2.jpgSpecific curves and reports golf-report-pic.jpg

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