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icons/red-fullbody.pngFULL BODYAssess every joint if you wish
icons/red-realtime.pngREAL-TIMEInstantaneous metrics
icons/red-3d.pngTRUE 3D360° view of the scene
icons/red-fps.png>100 FPSHigh-speed recording
icons/red-precision.pngACCURATETrack with 1mm error
icons/red-video.png+ VIDEOSynchronized footage

A unique solution

Running 3DMA is a full-body, 3D motion analysis tool specifically developed for carrying out running analysis. This system allows the sports expert to focus on every technical detail during a running motion, helping improve the athlete’s running skills as well as preventing bad gestures that may evolve in injuries.

Meet Running 3DMA.

What’s in the box?

  • Cameras, cabling and sync devices
  • Calibration tool
  • Markers and tracking accessories
  • Software security dongle
  • Software installation files
  • Camera wall mounts or tripods
  • Optionally, the computer

Analysis protocols

Running 3DMA includes a set of user-ready ‘analysis protocols’. What exactly are these? Protocols are a combination of software tools tailored to analyze a specific gesture or sport. Each protocol involves a marker configuration, a list of plots, relevant biomechanical parameters, certain automatically calculated events, a dashboard and a report template.

All of these are carefully designed and work together to facilitate user’s job. The goal: to move from data collection on to data processing & results display as fast as possible.

(*) Currently in construction

  • Running analysis
  • Running analysis with arms
  • Basic full-body tracking
  • Pre-fitting assessment (*)

Software’s analysis tools

Event detectionA smart post-processing algorithm automatically detects relevant events, such as heel strike or toe off.
Stride analysisThe stride module will let you review, filter, export and study every stride parameter and curve.
Real-time biofeedbackUser-defined conditions can be checked during the capture with visual or sound alarms.
Reference videoAdd up to two simple webcams or high-speed cameras to compare and complement the 3D visualization.

Customer cases

Over Strider Case Example Video

Association of Clinical Excellence

CAR (Olympic Sports Center) at Leon

Running Sample

Do you have any question?

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