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iSen y los sensores inerciales llegan a las Escuelas Universitarias Gimbernat

Feb 13, 2018

La Escuela de Fisioterapia de las Escuelas Universitarias Gimbernat, en el campus de Torrelavega, ha comenzado a usar sus nuevos sensores inerciales STT-IWS y el sistema iSen. El sistema iSen emplea los sensores inerciales STT-IWS que proveen de ángulos en tiempo real así como velocidades angulares y aceleraciones. Se comunican de forma inalámbrica mediante Wi-Fi,…

Ski jumping analysis with iSen software

Sep 28, 2017

Myon AG, in cooperation the Sports Institute of the Technical University of Munich, recently carried out a series of ground-breaking tests in the field of ski jumping. Analyzing full-body motion has always been challenging due to the long distances covered by the athlete, including a considerably long flight time away from wireless networks. A very…

iSen software is now compatible with Unity for character animation

Sep 27, 2017

iSen, our motion capture system including inertial sensors and processing software, now includes a plugin for Unity, allowing users to stream animation data into this visualization engine in real time. Experience the character animation in a new way: full-body tracking, with no permanent installation and live visualization.

Runner recommends 3D Motion Analysis

Aug 30, 2017

How is a running 3D analysis tool used in practice? It’s no secret that using a 3D system for running analysis will provide a great variety of biomechanical parameters, accurately and in real time. When dealing with runners, these systems help improving their technique, preventing injuries and assessing recovery. But how is a running 3D…

Gerardo Lozano: bike fitting and 3D analysis

Jan 13, 2017

Gerardo Lozano, diplomado en podología por la Universidad de Extremadura es un profesional que lleva ya muchos años tratando con deportistas, especialmente con ciclistas, en la Clínica Podotec. Es podólogo del Sporting Clube Campomaiorense de Portugal de fútbol y de triatletas como Miriam Cabeza (Campeona de España y Europa y tercer puesto en el campeonato…

Curso de Biomecánica Ciclista 3D

Jul 18, 2016

Expertos biomecánicos impartirán entre el jueves 1 y el domingo 4 de septiembre de 2016 el primer Curso de Biomecánica Ciclista totalmente apoyado en análisis 3D de cuerpo completo. El curso está dirigido a aquellos profesionales del fitting y preparadores deportivos que deseen aprender a trabajar con la más potente herramienta de análisis. No se…

Yeyo Corral habla sobre Cycling 3DMA

Jun 1, 2016

Yeyo es un entusiasta del ciclismo con una nutrida experiencia en la valoración y preparación física del ciclista. Actualmente es el responsable de Macrociclo, una empresa que ofrece entrenamientos online a deportistas de resistencia. También realiza estudios de biomecánica en Clínica Icomed (Santander) y MDS360 en Madrid. Compagina todo lo anterior con el asesoramiento biomecánico…

Tennis analysis with iSen

May 8, 2015

Tennis is a popular sport in many places and it is considered a highly technical discipline. Success requires a mix of player talent, good coaching, appropriate instruments or equipment and an understanding of certain aspects of sport science. Biomechanics is a key area in player development because all strokes have a fundamental mechanical structure and…

University of Virginia’s animated mascot

Apr 30, 2015

Erik Elvgren is an experienced animator and producer who works at the University of Virginia. He is behind the creation of “The Adventures of Cavman”, a short pre-produced video package on the big stadium’s big screen that shows Virginia’s football mascot in a virtual battle with the opposing team’s mascot, as a way to get…

Gait and Balance Analysis Lab

Apr 23, 2015

An optical motion capture system is an extremely powerful tool for the professional into the motion analysis. It provides an accurate tracking of anatomical points, and if the right analysis protocols are used, the resulting data will help determine pathologies and assess the evolution of a person’s biomechanics. The Faculty of Physio Therapy of the…