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Curso en Biomecánica de Ciclismo | 20-22 Noviembre

Sep 23, 2019

SUBE DE NIVEL STT Systems lanza un curso en biomecánica de ciclismo en colaboración con Gerardo Lozano (Clinica Podotec ) y Pedro de Arriba (Ekib Cycling). El objetivo es aprender a explotar al máximo las posibilidades de un sistema 3D, comprender los datos y trasladarlos a un buen fitting. DETALLES Fecha y duración 20 horas…

2019 Update for 3DMA Suite

May 8, 2019

The 2019 version of the 3DMA system has been released this month. Take a look at this video at some of the main updates or check here the change log. 2019.0 (04/25/2019) New Rizzoli gait protocol (Clinical, Human). New full-body bike fitting protocols (body, body & bike, body & floor) (Sports, Cycling). New gait numerics…

Certified Course on Running Biomechanics | March 23 – 24

Jan 15, 2019

Be a hero to your runners Running has one of the highest injury rates for any sport with upwards of 80% of runners experiencing an injury each year. Changes in gait and training errors play a significant role in injury onset. Learn about of running biomechanics, advanced gait re-training and training principles Key course details…

International Symposium of Cycling Optimization 2018

Nov 8, 2018

The real world application of 3D kinematic analysis in Time Trial performance ISCO SYMPOSIUM 2018 took place at Münster last November. Held by gebioMized, ISCO brought together an international panel of bike fitters from all around the world. Ken Ballhouse from Adaptive Human Performance and Pablo Callejo representing STT Systems presented the workshop named “The…

University of California, Los Ángeles (UCLA) just welcomed Clinical 3DMA by STT Systems

Feb 19, 2018

Harbor-UCLA Medical Center’s new laboratory The Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, just welcomed their new Biomechanics Laboratory, equipped with a top of the line 8-camera system and force plate integrated with Clinical 3DMA. The biomechanics research team in the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) will be using the system for gait analysis…

IMQ Prevención takes advantage of iSen and its ergonomics analysis functionality

Feb 14, 2018

IMQ Prevención, in cooperation with STT Systems, has recently started a new and innovative ergonomic measurement method. IMQ Prevención studies the risks that come from physical load and its causes: activities related to manual cargo handling, repetitive movements or poor body posture. STT’s inertial sensors and iSen System provide real-time orientations (angles) as well as…

iSen y los sensores inerciales llegan a las Escuelas Universitarias Gimbernat

Feb 13, 2018

La Escuela de Fisioterapia de las Escuelas Universitarias Gimbernat, en el campus de Torrelavega, ha comenzado a usar sus nuevos sensores inerciales STT-IWS y el sistema iSen. El sistema iSen emplea los sensores inerciales STT-IWS que proveen de ángulos en tiempo real así como velocidades angulares y aceleraciones. Se comunican de forma inalámbrica mediante Wi-Fi,…

Ski jumping analysis with iSen software

Sep 28, 2017

Myon AG, in cooperation the Sports Institute of the Technical University of Munich, recently carried out a series of ground-breaking tests in the field of ski jumping. Analyzing full-body motion has always been challenging due to the long distances covered by the athlete, including a considerably long flight time away from wireless networks. A very…

iSen software is now compatible with Unity for character animation

Sep 27, 2017

iSen, our motion capture system including inertial sensors and processing software, now includes a plugin for Unity, allowing users to stream animation data into this visualization engine in real time. Experience the character animation in a new way: full-body tracking, with no permanent installation and live visualization.

Runner recommends 3D Motion Analysis

Aug 30, 2017

How is a running 3D analysis tool used in practice? It’s no secret that using a 3D system for running analysis will provide a great variety of biomechanical parameters, accurately and in real time. When dealing with runners, these systems help improving their technique, preventing injuries and assessing recovery. But how is a running 3D…