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Validation papers

A comparison of gait analysis data obtained simultaneously with optical and inertial motion capture systemsThis study was conducted with the purpose of identifying the differences within two of STT System’s motion capture products in their most common usage, which is gait analysis. In order to obtain the data, a healthy subject […]

Validation of 3D Motion Capture Protocols aimed at the Analysis of Human Gait and RunThe current study will identify the sources of the divergences between the gait/run analysis protocols in order to correct possible discrepancies or document notable result changes for the validation of the […]

A study on the precision of bike tracking techniques during the 3D motion analysis of cyclists on free-motion and static indoor trainersThis article presents the results of a comparison between different approaches of dynamic tracking of the bike while performing a full-body, real-time, 3D motion analysison cyclists using a free-motion trainer and a […]

A segmentable normative database for gait analysis based on the Helen Hayes markersetThis study encompasses the planning, data collection, processing and creation of the first Spanish normative database for gait analysis. The current document summarizes the experimental procedure followed by the […]

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