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Change log – Inertial suite

3.08 (06/21/2018)

  • Fixed installation issue with HASP drivers.
  • Enhanced the integration with Myon and Cometa IMUs.
  • Extended the maximum number of user events in reports to 16.
  • Separated the information in several ergonomics reports.
  • New generic upper-train report.
  • Creation of new parameters in the lower train protocol with 8 sensors.
  • Reports now use the analysis limits for user events.
  • Fixed a bug that that prevented the exportation of the first user event in the reports.
  • The application automatically changes to the old 3D model if it has problems visualizing the new 3D model (reported for old systems).
  • Improved the responsiveness of the application during AVI export.
  • Fixed a problem with the video that showed the first image black.
  • Fixed a problem with the calculation of shoulder flex / ext for the ergonomics protocol.
  • Fixed an error that may crash the application when setting the camera resolution.
  • Fixed a problem when double-clicking to configure the video camera.
  • Fixed a problem while saving the list of active plugins.

3.07 (03/23/2018)

  • New protocols: full-body (T-stance and N-stance), full-body with tool in right hand, lower train with back.
  • New sensor assignment window, unified among protocols.
  • New description gallery for the protocol selection window.
  • New report customizer that allows the template selection (when more than one is available) as well as data sources to be included.
  • iSen no longer requires administrative privileges.
  • Generated reports are no longer saved into the installation folder.
  • It is no longer necessary to re-import a video in order to re-synchronize it.
  • Now it is possible to edit the walking distance after the capture has been made.
  • Improved the system stability for captures using more than 10 sensors.
  • Fixed a crash that may generate the loose of the video file when saving the capture if the plugin was not active.
  • Fixed a bug where full-body protocols didn’t ask for walking distance.
  • Fixed a crash when a report required video images and the plugin was not active.
  • Fixed a crash when the video camera was not correctly configured.
  • Fixed several usability issues in the protocol selection window.
  • Fixed a bug that made the capture not to be marked as modified when an event was edited.
  • Fixed an issue where a composite rule wasn’t displayed correctly.
  • New option to show again hidden dialogs.
  • Video camera is no longer active when not used.
  • Fixed several localization issues.

3.06 (01/24/2018)

  • Fixed an issue that prevented charts to be exported correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that may crash the application if the Finish button were clicked twice in the protocolo selection window.
  • Fixed several UI inconsistencies regarding the state of sensors.
  • Fixed a bug that may prevent the Delsys charts not to be loaded correctly.
  • Fixed several localization issues.

3.05 (07/19/2017)

  • Minor stability improvements.
  • Minor issues fixed.

3.04 (07/07/2017)

  • Export functions now respect the analysis limits.
  • New features in the custom events dialog: export/import, events edition.
  • Fixed an issue where the user was not asked before deleting events.
  • Fixed several stability issues in the video plugin.
  • Improved the compatibility with older versions of iSen.
  • Minor issues fixed.