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U p g r a d e s

Enhance your system with new capture models and add devices to your lab to enjoy the full Smart | BIOMECHANIC ® experience and offer your customers the latest and greatest in biomechanics.

Fill in the form below with the improvements you want to receive a detailed budget without commitment or try the models without commitment before buying them.

  • Full-body Analysis package: Includes Full-body(25p), Full-body(21p), Full-body(19p) and Standard 19 + Tool models
  • Cycling Analysis package: Includes Bike fitting (full body), Bike fitting (full body+bike), Bike fitting one side, Road bike, Mountain Bike and TT-Tri bike measurements models.
  • Running Analysis package: Includes Full-body  running analysis and Lower-body running analysis models.
  • Gait Analysis package: Includes Gait analysis (Helen Hayes), Gait for children (Helen Hayes), Gait + calibration (Helen Hayes), Full-body gait analysis (Helen Hayes), Gait analysis (Rizzoli), Gait analysis (Rizzoli calibration) models.
  • Tennis Analysis package: Includes Tennis racket analysis and Tennis racket & body analysis models.
  • Jump Analysis package: Includes Vertical Jump (Squat Jump & CMJ) model.
  • Golf Analysis package: Includes Golf swing analysis model.
  • Physical Assessment package: Includes Star Excursion Balance Test (SEBT)  and Jump Landing (LESS Score) models.
  • Functional Assessment package: Includes Both shoulders and arms, Shoulder [Left][Right] (rotation analysis, vertical arm), Shoulder and elbow [Left][Right], Shoulder [Left][Right] (rotation analysis), Elbow [Right][Left], Wrist [Left][Right], Hip [Left][Right] (flex.-ext. analysis), Hips (rotation analysis), Hips (abduction analysis), Complete left knee analysis (7 points), Complete right knee analysis (7 points), Knee [Left][Right], Analysis of both ankles with calibration, Ankle [Left][Right], Lumbar spine (Sit-to-Stand Analysis), Lumbar spine (Weight Lifting Analysis), Lumbar (8-point analysis), Head and cervical analysis, Lumbar (2-point analysis), Dorsal spine and Spine and upper-body analysis models.
  • Custom Model Package: Includes a fully customized model to fit your analysis needs. Visualization, biomechanical curves, metrics and automatic report completely personalized for you.
The cost of the model packages varies between €1,800 and €3,600 (single payment, permanent license).

  • FORCE PLATES: Add up to 8 force plates to your lab from leading manufacturers: AMTI, BERTEC, KISTLER… Complement kinematic with inverse dynamics.
  • SURFACE EMG: Biometrics, Delsys surface sensors to capture muscle activity during motion capture analysis.
  • PRESSURE PLATES: Namrol, Medicapteurs, Novel… pressure plates allows the user to carry out complete studies in statics, dynamics and posturology. In an easy, fast and precise way.
  • DINAMOMETERS: Add dynamometry synchronized with motion capture.
  • SADDLE PRESSURE MAP: Study the pressure and support points on the Velometrik sensorized saddle.
  • HFR COLOR CAMERA: Record your motion with color camera Synchronized.
  • EXTRA MOCAP CAMERAS: 0,3 Mpx to 12 Mpx cameras capturing between 100-420 FPS
Ask for quotation for any of the above devices as well as integration with your current system.

Software Upgrades

3DMA motion capture software, based on optical technology, enables the activation of a large number of model packages. Of course, and given our long experience, we are able to develop a new custom model, with its necessary graphs, numbers and biomechanical calculations and report in less than 4 weeks.

In addition to the packages listed above there are plugins available for 3DMA to integrate with third parties software. Link tracking and biomechanics with Unity, Autodesk MotionBuilder, Unreal Engine


Hardware Upgrades

In very harsh environments such as factories and large production chains, any automated processes that reduce errors and ensure the production quality are incredibly challenging, but also very demanded. Those are precisely the conditions in which STT has strived to provide turn-key solutions based on Machine Vision. Our experience in writing powerful image processing algorithms and friendly interfaces have allowed STT to come up with efficient and often genuine solutions for every-day problems.

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