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What is BikeFit?

‘BikeFit by STT Systems’ is a simple yet versatile system for bike fitting. It performs a quick assessment of the rider’s posture and provides a set of automatic, dynamic measures. The system works with a high-speed camera pointed at any of the two sides of the cyclist. As an additional help for the user, the software provides bike size suggestions prior to the analysis as well as immediate feedback and proposed actions to improve the resulting biomechanical parameters. ‘BikeFit by STT Systems’ is the perfect tool for retailers or anyone wanting to get a quick bike fittings done.


Main Features

  • BikeFit tracks the anatomic points automatically and analyzes the pedaling at a frequency of 50-60 FPS.
  • Calculates the representative biomechanical parameters for a fast and simple bike fitting.
  • Gives the fitter suggestions on what to adapt on the bicycle.
  • With a single click, BikeFit generates a personal report to hand out to the client.
  • The system detects the rider’s side you are analysing.
  • On the 2017’s updated, the chance to compare the left side and the right side will be implemented.
  • BikeFit includes normalized ranges for road bike, mountain bike, triathlon and time trial bikes.
  • High resolution video allows the system to have millimetric accuracy.

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