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Easily manage users and save recordings to any of them. Also saves the personal information of each customer.


Bike size suggestions

After introducing the measures of the rider, BikeFit will suggest some bike sizes to have a better starting point for the fitting.


Automated tracking

The marker tracking is automated. Just by clicking on the marker at the beginning the system will keep track of those markers.


Dynamic analysis

The system analyzes the entire recording and provides statistically relevant parameters. That way, the user would not focus on a single frame but on many pedalling cycles.



The user may choose between four cycling disciplines: road bike, mountain bike, triathlon bike, and time trial bike.


Bike model

The bike geometry database contains references of some manufacturers and models. It is easy to add new geometries and manufactures.


Instant assessment

The system will provide a numerical and visual analysis of the parameters obtained comparing them to the normal ranges. It will also suggest the modifications on your bike that may bring those parameters closer to normality.


Compare videos

BikeFit gives you the chance to overlay two videos and automatically synchronize them so you can easily see the postural changes.


Bike measurement

The user can take notes of the measurements the bike had when recording the video. This way the user can keep a good track of the fitting.



On a single click, the system generates a report on the analyzed data for the client. That report can be modified by the user before handing it out to the client.