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EDDO is a portable optical motion capture system, designed to study specific parts of the human body (shoulder, knee, spine, etc.). The system comprises two high-resolution, high-speed digital cameras with built-in infrared LED lighting. The system operates with reflective markers as well as active LED markers. It is a valuable human motion analysis tool which may be applied in a wide variety of areas relating to medicine and ergonomics.


The main differences between Clinical 3DMA and EDDO systems are the size of the capture volume and the capacity to handle occlusions. EDDO is a compact system, but with a special set of advantages:

  • Automatic and portable system, easy to install and use.
  • Pre-calibrated.
  • Suitable for joint analysis, lower-body analysis, upper-body analysis and more.
  • High degree of precision and reliability.
  • Real-time 3D visualization.
  • A report can be generated automatically right after the data acquisition.

EDDO can be setup anywhere and provides true 3D analysis

Comfort Feet (Melbourne)

Which 3D motion analysis solution suits me?

The 3DMA family of products includes a variety of packages, each one containing several analysis protocols focused on different sports disciplines. The following table outlines the protocols available in each package:
ANALYSIS PROTOCOLCycling 3DMARunning 3DMAGolf 3DMASports 3DMAEDDO Biomechanics
Bike fitting-full body
Bike fitting-lateral
Bike measurement
Gait analysis
Running analysis
Golf swing analysis
General full-body analysis
Tennis service analysis

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