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The EDDO Optical system offers the power of multiple-camera, 6DoF object tracking in a single, plug-and-play package. Each tracking bar is self-contained and pre-calibrated prior to shipment—meaning that no user calibration is required—for out of the box motion tracking that is simple to use, but still offers the leading accuracy and flexibility of optical tracking technology.

Plug-and-Play multi-camera motion tracking

Enjoy many of the same benefits as large scale, multi-camera tracking—such as enhanced accuracy, larger capture volumes, and tracking of multiple, customizable objects—distilled down to a single hardware unit and simple I/O.

Super portable, desktop friendly capture

At less than two feet in total length, the EDDO Optical system packs comprehensive tracking capabilities into a portable form factor—enabling easy transport and rapid deployment of the entire system.

On-camera image processing

A variety of pre-processed image types are supported on-camera, resulting in decreased bandwidth and CPU load and more efficient motion tracking. Image processing types include:

  • Precision grayscale
  • Segment
  • Object
  • MJPEG-compressed grayscale
  • Raw grayscale

Camera control

Access a variety of camera settings with the Tracking Tools Application and API for greater control over what your cameras capture and report to the PC for processing. Available settings include:

  • Image processing type
  • Frame rate
  • Exposure
  • Threshold
  • Illumination
  • Filter switching
  • And more…

Grayscale video with MJPEG compression

When operating any of the EDDO’s cameras in grayscale, on-camera MJPEG compression is available for reduced USB bandwidth and CPU usage. MJPEG compression consumes 1/10th the bandwidth of uncompressed video while still enabling real-time grayscale video at full frame rate and resolution.

Precise, efficient motion tracking

The EDDO Optical is capable of capturing fast moving objects with its global shutter imager and 120 FPS capture speed. Using advanced image processing to maximize resolution from its three 640×480 VGA sensors, the EDDO Trio can also track markers down to sub-millimeter movements with repeatable accuracy.


EDDO Duo and EDDO Trio are STT’s solution for portable optical motion capture. All versions come pre-calibrated and can be used right out of the box.


A portable, yet versatile, 6DoF motion tracking system. It features three cameras. The perfect solution for small and medium-size capture volumes in a variety of applications: medicine and rehabilitation, facial animation, etc.


Our most compact and portable system for 6DoF motion tracking. It is light and easy to set up, even on a desk.