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Data Storage

EDDO software contains a capture sessions database, allowing the user to keep a case-history file which can be consulted or deleted at any time. This database enables objective biomechanical data and quantifiable patient follow-up.


EDDO provides direct, real-time data on a wide range of biomechanical parameters, including markers positions, angles, linear and angular velocities and accelerations. A great number of biomechanical data can be visualized immediately in graphs and tables, and it can be exported to other applications (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, etc.) or printed in pre-established user-defined reports. The software includes ergonomic evaluation modules (REBA and NIOSH) as well as result integration using the OCRA method.


Connection to other devices

EDDO software records and analyzes results from a number of different devices: electromyography instruments (EMG), force platforms, goniometers, dynamometers, etc. The data is recorded synchronously and displayed in a common workplace.