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Make your swing as precise as it can be

The technology used in golf is getting more powerful year after year, with new analysis tools introduced every short period of time – but no system is as versatile as the 3D motion analysis technology to measure the golf swing. At STT Systems, we have developed Golf 3DMA. This is an optical motion capture system involving high speed infrared cameras to track the markers on the player’s body and club. This system makes a 3D view of the swing in real-time and the data is also shown on the go. That way analysing all the angles and line the backswing and the follow through follow has never been easier.

  • Real-time 3D reconstruction of the player’s full-body motion.
  • Automated reports.
  • Statistics and time graphs on the go.
  • Record HD video synchronized with the 3D data.
  • No cables, no batteries on the player.
Golf 3DMA tracks and displays the entire swing

Golf 3DMA tracks and displays the entire swing

Golf 3DMA allows setting biofeedback rules. This is quite a helpful tool for training purposes, as it provides an instant feedback on anything happening in the scene. For instance, someone may be interested in checking if and when the left elbow flexion angle decreases under 20º for example, and getting an auditive or visual alarm whenever this happens.

The angle variations and speed are shown on the go and it is very easy to analyze them during and after the performance. The system also delivers automatic reports where every swing-related data is shown for the coach or the player to analyze.

Which 3D motion analysis solution suits me?

The 3DMA family of products includes a variety of packages, each one containing several analysis protocols focused on different sports disciplines. The following table outlines the protocols available in each package:
ANALYSIS PROTOCOLCycling 3DMARunning 3DMAGolf 3DMASports 3DMAEDDO Biomechanics
Bike fitting-full body
Bike fitting-lateral
Bike measurement
Gait analysis
Running analysis
Golf swing analysis
General full-body analysis
Tennis service analysis