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Swing analysis

Golf 3DMA provides a full swing analysis with just a single swing. Every angle and angular velocity is calculated on the go, making it easy for the coach to spot any mistake on the swing. The weight distribution is also given.


3D visualization

The coach gets a real-time, 3D display of the movement. This feature includes orthogonal points of view for easy inspection of different biomechanical planes. The 3D view can also be reviewed after the capture.


Time graphs

Biomechanical parameters over time are shown on the go. Each variable is shown on an independent graph with zooming options, making it easy to focus on every detail. Several graphs can be displayed side by side.


Synchronized video

A video camera can be integrated in order to achieve a simultaneous, synchronized real-time view of swing together with the 3D reconstruction. The video camera can be either a webcam or a high-speed camera.



This tool is meant for real-time motion assessment. It allows defining simple conditions, which are verified on the go. Whenever a condition is fulfilled, the player will get immediate notice.



An intuitive database is provided with the application. This database helps keeping record of all analyses for each player, as well as, of course, any other relevant player information.

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