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What is running 3DMA?

Running 3DMA is a full-body, 3D motion analysis tool specifically developed for carrying out running and gait analysis. This system allows the sports expert to focus on every technical detail during a running motion, helping improve the athlete’s running skills as well as preventing bad gestures that may evolve in injuries.

running 3D motion analysis

Main features:

Running 3DMA has a specific capture volume, therefore the athlete performs the tracking on a treadmill. In the case of the gait analysis, it can be performed in the capture area without needing a treadmill. The system is made up of a standard computer and a variable number of optical IR cameras, the number of which depends on the requirements of the user and the visibility allowed by the treadmill. Running 3DMA handles the motion-capture process in an efficient and user-friendly way with a very intuitive interface to visualize and analyze the results. The user can also generate a customized report. Running 3DMA is constantly evolving and regular software updates are available for free. In summary:

  • Can operate at different data rates, depending on camera model: 50-360 FPS
  • Affordable running analysis protocol.
  • Gait protocols backed by scientific literature and numerous labs worldwide.
  • Automated running event detection.
  • Sub-millimetric precision for marker tracking.
  • The setup can be adapted to most spaces.
  • Report templates are provided with the system. They can easily be customized by the user.
  • Real-time, 3D view synchronized with the real video.

Which 3D motion analysis solution suits me?

The 3DMA family of products includes a variety of packages, each one containing several analysis protocols focused on different sports disciplines. The following table outlines the protocols available in each package:
ANALYSIS PROTOCOLCycling 3DMARunning 3DMAGolf 3DMASports 3DMAEDDO Biomechanics
Bike fitting-full body
Bike fitting-lateral
Bike measurement
Gait analysis
Running analysis
Golf swing analysis
General full-body analysis
Tennis service analysis