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In-depth, 3D, high-speed, full-body analysis for athletes

Sports 3DMA is an optical motion capture system that includes a set of high-speed, infrared motion capture cameras working at a minimum frequency of 100 FPS and recording the position of the markers fixed on different anatomic points. In barely five minutes the trainer or Sports Science specialist is able to get a comprehensive view of the athlete’s motion along with a real-time 3D view. Its main features are:

  • Real-time 3D reconstruction of the athlete’s full-body motion.
  • Automated reports.
  • Statistics and graphs in real time.
  • Record HD video synchronized with the 3D data.
  • Synchronize the software with the surface EMG.
  • No cables, no batteries on the sportsman.
  • Included protocols are: Cycling, running, walking, golf swing, generic, full body.

Cycling and bike fitting protocols in Sports 3DMA are the same as those in system, used by world-class cyclists and top-ranked triathletes for their bike fitting and technique assessment. It is also possible to measure the bicycle.

The running protocol recreates the running motion in 3D. That way all parameters can be analyzed at once.

Thanks to the golf protocol you can analyze your swing in 3D and look at the wide range of biomechanical parameters. For every good golf player having a swing analysis every short period of time is essential, and the 3D analysis is a very easy and fast way to get all the swing data.

The full-body analysis allows the biomechanist to seek for any parameter needed while performing whichever sport. Therefore, even though there is no predetermined protocol for every discipline, any sport practice can be analyzed.

Which 3D motion analysis solution suits me?

The 3DMA family of products includes a variety of packages, each one containing several analysis protocols focused on different sports disciplines. The following table outlines the protocols available in each package:
ANALYSIS PROTOCOLCycling 3DMARunning 3DMAGolf 3DMASports 3DMAEDDO Biomechanics
Bike fitting-full body
Bike fitting-lateral
Bike measurement
Gait analysis
Running analysis
Golf swing analysis
General full-body analysis
Tennis service analysis