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The Bodescan’s software enables:

  • Visualization of the scan from different points of view.
  • The combination of different images on a single surface.
  • Automatic, semi-automatic and manual measurements.
  • Exportation of digitalized surfaces to CAD/CAM/CAE applications.
  • Exportation of data to design and pattern applications.
  • Exportation of data to anthropometric data statistical analysis applications.
  • Storage, classification and search of sessions from each patient.


Measurement computation is performed in a post-processing analysis over the scanned data, that comprises the following steps:

  • First, the point clouds are reconstructed to create a single triangle mesh.
  • Then, and based on known information such as subject posture, the virtual body is segmented into main limbs: trunk, head and extremities.
  • After this initial segmentation each limb is further ‘divided’, computing relevant features such as the knee and the ankle.
  • From this on, the module finds the rest of significant features such as the crotch (lowest point of the trunk), the calf (widest point of the lower leg), etc.

Some measurements, such as body height and head girth, can be computed directly using the segmented regions. Then, many of the available measurements are computed using the features detected in the first steps. Others are found performing a model inspection of the segmented components: for example, chest girth is measured just below where the arms join the trunk, not in the widest point. Finally, some measurements the module requires the user to specify some specific points in the 3D model (landmarks).

The user has to select the desired measurements from a list in the graphical interface. This procedure creates a straightforward methodology that prevents the user from defining unused landmarks and, given the total amount of possible measurements, reduces the visual cluttering in the user interface.

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