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Facescan is a 3D scanner based on structured-light technology that provides accurate 3D data to the user. Facescan has many fields of application. Although it has been especially designed to generate face scans, it can be used to produce 3D data from complex objects or surfaces.


The structured-light scanner involves two digital cameras, a structured-light projector and the software package. The technology works as follows: a number of black and white bands are projected onto the face or object to be reconstructed in 3D. The cameras capture the 3D light patterns and the software automatically reconstructs the surface. As a result, an accurate three-dimensional representation of the face or object is obtained.

Scanner set-up

Facescan is a compact device which will not involve changes in the area or laboratory where it is to be used. The only condition is that the workspace should have uniform lighting. The scanner unit requires only one electricity socket, and can be connected to either a laptop or desktop computer.