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Podia Scanner is based on cutting-edge laser triangulation technology. Four scanning units slide from the front to the back of the foot acquiring 3D data.

Each scanning head comprises two high-speed cameras and a laser projector. The scanning heads are mounted on a moving platform which has been carefully designed to cover the desired scanning volume.

The information is automatically processed and shown to the user in a matter of seconds.



General scanning specifications
Scanning resolution0.04 mm/px
Scanning time10 sec
Processing time5 sec
Scanning volume (W×L×H)150×350×250 mm
Cameras (on scanning head)
Image resolutionMax. 752×480
Frame rate70 – 122 Hz
Shutter typeGlobal
Transfer rates400 Mb/s
High sensitivity, auto white balance and adjustable exposure
Lasers (on scanning heads)
Laser typeClass II (completely harmless)
Wavelength650 nm
Divergence< 2.0 mrd
Physical dimensions
Width×Length×Height550×800×670 mm
Scanner weight128 Kg
Maximum weight supported200 Kg

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