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Podia software has been designed to provide a fast and efficient user experience. It comprises all necessary tools to perform accurate measurements, as well as a friendly and modern interface.

The software comprises three main modules:

  • The data acquisition module takes care of the scanning process. Once the patient’s foot is in place, the user performs the scanning in just one click. 3D information can be seen in real time as it is generated.
  • The analysis module allows the user to visualize the data acquisition in real time, to review the result afterwards, to set measuring landmarks and to perform the measurements in an automatic way that takes less than a minute. It also includes an export functionality to generate automatic reports (PDF) with data and images. The 3D foot can also be exported to OBJ, STL or other common formats like ASCII, VRML and DXF.
  • The storage module allows keeping any number of scanning sessions for every patient, and helps in managing the patient’s information.

The analysis module allows gathering the following information:


  • Metatarsale tibiale.
  • Metatarsale fibulare.
  • Most medial point of navicular bone.
  • Rearmost point of lateral malleolus.
  • Sphyrion fibulare.
  • Sphyrion.
  • Instep top.
  • Side of 1st toe.
  • Side of 5th toe.


  • Ball cross-section.
  • Instep cross-section.
  • Heel cross-section.
  • Instep-heel cross-section.
  • Navicular cross-section.
  • Middle leg cross-section.
  • Foot breadth.
  • Foot length.
  • Ball height.
  • Heel width.
  • Instep length.
  • Instep height.
  • Instep-heel length.
  • Fibulare instep length.
  • Sphyrionfibulare height.
  • Leg width (both axes).
  • 1st toe angle.
  • 5th toe angle.

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