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Foot 3D scanning technologies have developed widely through the last years, as they have turned to be a valuable tool for the experts. Indeed, conducting a good foot scan will allow the doctor to detect underlying problems in foot function and gait that would otherwise be unseen. Additionally, having an accurate 3D model of a patient’s foot allows generating customized insoles quickly and with great precision.

Solescan Rubra is a three-dimensional scanner based on laser light which enables the acquisition of precise and reliable digital data of the foot.


The patient’s sole is represented with high accuracy on the digital plane. This versatile device can scan any of the following items:

  • Soles (in loadbearing, semi-loadbearing, non-loadbearing positions).
  • Phenolic foam casts.
  • Plaster models (or casts made from other materials).

Scanning specifications
Scanning resolution0.04 mm/px
Precision (sub-pixelling techniques)0.1 mm/px