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The complete Solescan Rubra package includes the latest version of STT scanning software, which is easy to install and simple to use.

The application enables:

  • Visualization from different points of view.
  • Measurement.
  • Introduction of additional notes.
  • Definition of personalized insole orthesis.
  • Patient data management.


Insole Studio

Insole Studio is the natural complement of Solescan Rubra. It allows the user to load digitalized surfaces generated with the scanner and to design customized soles in an accurate and straightforward way.

Some of the key functions and tools of this software are synthetized below:

  • Shoe horns library: adjustment of the surface to different insole sizes.
  • Spot height maps: show the digitalized surfaces with different colours, depending on the height of each point.
  • Layer editing system: each operation made on the surface is saved independently, so they can be individually disabled or even applied to another surface.
  • Set of correction pieces: they allow the user to modify the surface obtained.
  • Lower heel: definition of a circular or oval zone where the height you want to give the zone can be adjusted, according to a curve.
  • Middle part of the foot: fefinition of a shape that covers the middle part of the foot.
  • Cant: definition of the inclination desired for a surface, set through a curve.
  • Heel support: editing of surface contours in the zone selected by the user. Different profile curves can be defined along its length.
  • Manual correction pieces: user-generated correction pieces based on digitalized surfaces, saved in a library for later application to any surface.
  • Operations.
  • Flattened tip definition: a zone of the scan that is set at a particular height, making the transition softer through a compromise.
  • Filtering: makes the digitalized surface softer.
  • Transformations: allows the user to move and rotate a digitalized surface.
  • Export: it is possible to export files to STL format, for machine vision.


LutraCAD offers specifically designed products for designing insoles. The Manager, a database bundling customer information, notes and files from clients, cooperates with the CAD-System to keep all information and files together. Depending on your wishes you can choose between a 2D-package that consists of the Manager and the 2D CAD-system or the 3D-package that exist of the 2D-package including 3D scan technique.

With LutraCAD-2D it is possible to design insoles based on 2D foot scans. This unique CAD-system offers the possibility to choose all your elements in the first step. This way you do not have to add elements one by one. LutraCAD-2D is delivered with insole patterns and a complete library of elements. As expansion on LutraCAD-2D we developed LutraCAD-3D. This expansion gives the possibility to create Full-Contact insoles based on 3D foot scans.



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