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iSen is a powerful hardware & software solution for capturing objective 3D motion data. Using between 1 and 17 sensors, clinicians, coaches, trainers, and researchers can capture accurate 3D motion data in real-time. Does it get any easier?

The system uses STT's inertial sensors that provide real-time orientations (angles) as well as angular velocities and accelerations. Advanced algorithms (Kalman filters) overcome the usual drift problems associated with inertial sensors. They communicate wirelessly using Wi-Fi (STT-IWS), which means that they can easily transfer data to any Windows computer. An iSen system comprises a variable number of inertial sensors (IMU) and the software package to analyze the results.

iSen system in a nutshell

A few aspects turn iSen into a unique tool in the study of biomechanics:

  • Wireless: The operating range is 20 to 40 m.
  • 400 Hz: STT-IWS sensors collect data at extremely high rates – yes, 14 or 17 sensors working at 400 Hz.
  • Flexible configurations: Link up as many sensors as you want and access all protocols using that amount of sensors or less.
  • Real-time, robust motion tracking: No line-of-sight or lighting restrictions. Collect and display data in real time.
  • Intuitive interface: Set up your analysis in a couple of minutes.
  • Numerical data: Do you need to export plots or values? Do it in a click.

Do you need a custom analysis protocol? Contact us.

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Brochure (English)
Brochure (Spanish)
Sample report: Both ankles (English)
Sample report: Gait (Spanish)
SDK reference manual (English)

"iSen is really easy to use, and yet it provides so much information in barely two minutes!" José Luis Duque (Head of Rehabilitation Service, Mutua Navarra)