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iSen is a powerful hardware & software solution for capturing objective 3D motion data. Using between 1 and 17 sensors, clinicians, coaches, trainers, and researchers can capture accurate 3D motion data in real-time. Does it get any easier?

The system uses STT's inertial sensors that provide real-time orientations (angles) as well as angular velocities and accelerations. Advanced algorithms (Kalman filters) overcome the usual drift problems associated with inertial sensors. They communicate wirelessly using Wi-Fi (STT-IWS), which means that they can easily transfer data to any Windows computer. An iSen system comprises a variable number of inertial sensors (IMU) and the software package to analyze the results.

iSen system in a nutshell

A few aspects turn iSen into a unique tool in the study of biomechanics:

  • Wireless: The operating range is 20 to 40 m.
  • 400 Hz: STT-IWS sensors collect data at extremely high rates – yes, 14 or 17 sensors working at 400 Hz.
  • Flexible configurations: Link up as many sensors as you want and access all protocols using that amount of sensors or less.
  • Real-time, robust motion tracking: No line-of-sight or lighting restrictions. Collect and display data in real time.
  • Intuitive interface: Set up your analysis in a couple of minutes.
  • Numerical data: Do you need to export plots or values? Do it in a click.

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