iSen: software features

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Easily manage users and save recordings to any of them. Export and import captures. Alternatively, record 3GC files to any directory.


Sensor manager

Keep track of all available sensors, monitor the battery level, check the transmission workload, select which sensors to use and where on the body, and easily replace a sensor if needed.


Real-time 3D views

Both the inertial sensors and the overall motion are displayed in real-time. Besides, each window incorporates relevant information on the invididual IMU and/or the protocol.


Video sync

A plugin available in every iSen license allows to easily activate and synchronize a webcam or high-speed camera. This footage will be useful later on as a visual reference for the user.


Time graphs

The graphs module allows displaying biomechanical parameters in real-time. These include angular measurements, angular velocity and acceleration, raw parameters like linear acceleration, etc.


Real-time statistics

Certain protocols provide immediate calculation of statistics and biomechanical figures like mean values, computation of relative and absolute max & min, etc.


Protocol library

An intuitive library is used to help the user find the suitable analysis protocol. These are sorted by application families (sports, physical evaluation, etc) and sorted by the amount of sensors required.


Biofeedback rules

This powerful tool allows defining simple or composite biofeedback rules based on any biomechanical parameter. When these conditions are fulfilled, iSen will register it, alert the user and provide visual feedback.