Wi-Fi sensor: STT-IWS

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The STT-IWS is a wireless (Wi-Fi) Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) with unique features. It can operate at high acquisition rates, up to 400 Hz, with an outstanding performance and effective power consumption. It also offers data logging capabilities as well, which will be extremely useful when performing motion analysis of athletes or subjects moving away from the wireless network.

Some of its key technical characteristics are listed below:

3-axial Gyroscope range±2000°
3-axial Accelerometer range±16g
3-axial Magnetometer range±1300 µT
Barometric pressure sensor rate300 to 1100 hPa
Sensors calibrated in temperatureYes
Humidity sensorYes
Static Pitch accuracy (RMS)<0.5°
Static Roll accuracy (RMS)<2°
Static Heading accuracy (RMS)<2°
User-defined sample rateYes
Maximum sample rate400 Hz
Maximum # of STT-IWS units @ 400 Hz17
L x W x H56 (64) x 38 x 18 mm
Weight46 gr.