3DMA suite

3DMA is a family of products for biomechanical analysis based on optical motion capture. They all share a unique motion capture engine and biomechanics module, but each of the packages has been tailored to specific applications. Whether you are interested in gait analysis, running analysis or a certain joint assessment, there is a 3DMA product that will suit your needs.

Protocols available on 3DMA packages [2020]

PROTOCOL NAME Cycling 3DMA - Professional Bike fitting Running 3DMA - Professional Gait Analysis Golf 3DMA Sports 3DMA EDDO Biomechanics Clinical 3DMA Human 3DMA
Joint analysis
Basic full-body tracking (Std 19)
Gait analysis (Helen Hayes and Rizzoli)
Running analysis (lower-body and full-body)
Running analysis (portable version)
Bike fitting (full body)
Bike fitting (lateral)
Bike measurement (Road, TT-Tri, MTB)
Golf swing analysis
Jumping analysis (CMJ and Squat Jump)
Jump Landing Assessment (LESS Score)
Advanced full-body tracking (Std 21-25)
Full-body with tools
Test protocols (calibration quality, single point)
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What is a 3DMA protocol made up of?

The ease of use is one of the main goals of all 3DMA products. However, this should not be at odds with providing rich and meaningful data… So how is this balance achieved? In 3DMA, each analysis protocol is made up of 6 components that help conduct the analysis very efficiently. These components are: the predefined markersets, the auto-labelling algorithm, a 3D scene definition with visual elements, a dashboard with real-time calculations, a graphs module and an automated report generator with templates.


Ongoing developments

New protocols are being designed as you read! STT is currently working on the following developments:

  • Balance analysis based on full-body tracking. A series of tests will allow assessing stability.
  • Rowing and kayaking analysis compatible both with fixed or sliding seat. Go deep into gestures, symmetries, trajectories and postures – with ease.
  • Breathing analysis using a series of small markers on the chest to assess changes in volume and rate.

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