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STT was created in April 1998 by a group of engineers and opened its doors in the beautiful city of San Sebastián. Throughout these 20 years, our main focus has been to develop innovative products and solutions for various motion analysis and machine vision applications..

Custom Software Projects

STT has also strengthened itself in the delivery of customized software projects, as well as in the offer of consulting and training services. Existing customers include small businesses in need of ready-to-use products, as well as large enterprises and corporations seeking custom solutions.

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Innovative solutions for motion analysis

Since our first product, a 3D Golf Swing Analyzer, we began to accumulate extensive experience in Optical Motion Capture. We would soon learn how to integrate cameras from various manufacturers, calibrate them, and synthesize clean and accurate 3D points based on passive or active marker tracking. An efficient pipeline, combined with careful software design and constant interaction with end users, would allow us to offer innovative products in the field of biomechanics.

In 2010 a new technology was incorporated into our range of products: Inertial Sensors or IMUs. At that time, STT was the only company in the world that offered ready-to-use packages for both 'optical' and 'inertial' motion tracking & analysis.

Pushing the limits of machine vision

In very harsh environments, such as factories and large production lines, any automated process that reduces errors and ensures production quality is incredibly challenging, but also in high demand. Those are precisely the conditions in which STT has strived to offer turnkey solutions based on machine vision. Our experience in writing powerful image processing algorithms and friendly interfaces have enabled STT to find efficient and often genuine solutions to everyday problems.

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