FINA World Swimming Championships

Building on the experience acquired during Barcelona 2003 World Swimming Championships (STT InThePool 1.0 system) and Barcelona 2013 FINA World Swimming Championship, STT has developed InThePool 2.0, a powerful tool for swimming analysis based on camera tracking and machine vision algorithms.


A standard InThePool 2.0 configuration comprises a set of 6-12 1MP@100FPS color cameras working simultaneously, each one targeting a section of the swimming pool. An optimized data pipeline working on a Giga Ethernet network allows for fast viewing and processing. The entire system is managed in a single computer. The software then allows for a real-time, automatic analysis of parameters like stroke frequency & amplitude, accurate pass times and more. The user can compare data resulting from different swimmers, and there is also a ‘virtual camera’: all camera view can be integrated seamlessly to provide individual tracking views.

Check out the review made by Allied Vision here.

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