Gait and Balance Analysis Lab

An optical motion capture system is an extremely powerful tool for the professional into the motion analysis. It provides an accurate tracking of anatomical points, and if the right analysis protocols are used, the resulting data will help determine pathologies and assess the evolution of a person’s biomechanics.

The Faculty of Physio Therapy of the UIC (International University of Catalunya) in Barcelona features a really nice motion analysis lab. Their setup includes a full CLIMA system plus 4 Kistler force plates and an electromiograph.

The optical system actually comprises two different configurations working in parallel: the first one is specifically tailored for gait analysis and is synchronized with two force plates; the second one is configured for balance analysis and is synchronized with the remaining two plates. Both configurations are synchronized with a wireless electromiograph from Mega.

All in all, a truly versatile tool for teaching, research and even clinical use.

Gait and Balance Analysis Lab

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