International Symposium of Cycling Optimization 2018

The real world application of 3D kinematic analysis in Time Trial performance

ISCO SYMPOSIUM 2018 took place at Münster last November. Held by gebioMized, ISCO brought together an international panel of bike fitters from all around the world. Ken Ballhouse from Adaptive Human Performance and Pablo Callejo representing STT Systems presented the workshop named “The real world application of 3D kinematic analysis in Time Trial performance”.


Technology can provide a great deal of information about the rider’s posture on a bike. But how relevant is a comprehensive and detailed kinematic analysis? To what extent and how can it be used to improve health, comfort and performance? Which parameters should the bike fitter pay more attention to? Is there a basic normative data range to guide the user in a quick and efficient position optimisation process?

A system like Cycling 3DMA is able to provide real-time, 3D, full-body biomechanical data on the go. Pablo and Ken presented some of the genuine parameters of this system (side comparison, trunk tilt or foot rotation) as well as functional aspects like marker placement, operation workflow, review of information, etc.

isco2018-kenisco2018-pabloConsidering this data source they payed a particular attention to the TT position, and how the availability of this datasets can help optimize this particular discipline. A few different cases were studied and presented. For instance, aero data showing position consistency (comfort/sustainability/health), aero data showing front-end optimisation or aero data showing that comfort and performance goals are not at opposite ends of the spectrum.

In summary, they addressed how a powerful 3D kinematic analysis can be used as a tool to quantify the cycling position and guide the selection of equipment, for both health and performance outcomes.

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