July 2022 Update for 3DMA Suite

The 2022.1 version of the 3DMA system has been released this month. Take a look at these main updates.

3DMA 2022.1 (21/07/2022)

New features

  • Added support for Velometrik saddle pressure “Smart Cover”.
  • New look and feel.
  • Added new plots control.
  • Added ANT+ integration for heart beat monitor devices.
  • Added automatic filtering of captures by protocol for multi-report generation.
  • Added comparative for cycling, running and CMJ protocols.
  • Added possibility to export clients/patients from the database to CSV format.
  • Added fields for marker diameter and velcro thickness for the cycling protocols.
  • Added upgrade and store buttons in help section.
  • Added academy button for elearning in help section.
  • Added support button in help section.


  • Improved information provided when cameras cannot be initialized.
  • Improved 3D touchscreen operation.
  • Improved EMG information in reports.
  • Added notice of missing events if required by the report .
  • Improved constraints in lateral bike fitting.
  • Improved constraints in SEBT protocol for the capture begining.
  • Added full calibration from calibration test window.
  • Improved presentation of cameras views in a single window.
  • Added the angle of the foot to the ground for the Helen Hayes model.
  • Improved brightness for BRIO and Flir cameras.
  • Improved rules system.
  • Unified open user and open capture functionality in one button.
  • Improved documentation.
  • Improved report templates.
  • Minor usability and stability improvements.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed minor user interface problems and localization issues.
  • Fixed report selection for protocols with more than one report.
  • Fixed missing numeric information for full body 25P.
  • Fixed media escalation elements issue in sequence manager.
  • Fixed double click to stop a playback capture.
  • Fixed the antropometry edition for SEBT protocol.
  • Fixed more than 100 other bugs.

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