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Tennis is a popular sport in many places and it is considered a highly technical discipline. Success requires a mix of player talent, good coaching, appropriate instruments or equipment and an understanding of certain aspects of sport science.

Biomechanics is a key area in player development because all strokes have a fundamental mechanical structure and sports injuries primarily have a mechanical cause.

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How can a professional coach assess a player’s performance with precision? How can a coach keep track of a player’s technical evolution over time?

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[link page=”iSen”] is very good at open-field body tracking, and that is why the [link url=”” title=”Institut Daniel Mayral”] and [link url=”” title=”Teknon Hospital”] (both based in Barcelona) chose STT’s inertial measurement software. With only a few sensors they were able to set up different tests and tracked several gestures including arms and lower body. Protocol configuration and Report customization prove to be a fundamental tool, as they allow the users to easily get meaningful conclusions instead of tons of data. The work continues as they keep analysing moves and strokes.

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