University of California, Los Ángeles (UCLA) just welcomed Clinical 3DMA by STT Systems

Harbor-UCLA Medical Center’s new laboratory

The Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, just welcomed their new Biomechanics Laboratory, equipped with a top of the line 8-camera system and force plate integrated with Clinical 3DMA.

The biomechanics research team in the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) will be using the system for gait analysis applied to orthopaedic research, such as the study of weight bearing surfaces/materials for implants and prosthesis.

Clinical 3DMA by STT Systems in L.A. California

What is Clinical 3DMA?

Clinical 3DMA is a full-body, 3D motion analysis tool specifically developed for the clinical setting. Clinical 3DMA can be the core component in a powerful biomechanics lab. Available protocols include:

  • Human gait analysis.
  • Lumbar / cervical analysis.
  • Individual joint analysis.
  • Running analysis.

Clinical 3DMA is a full-body

The laboratory is composed of multiple devices that work synchronously and provide a complete assessment of the movement:

The Clinical 3DMA System by STT Systems aims at performing a 3D biomechanical study. This system allows observing the whole body or just certain limbs with great precision, at high speed and in a three-dimensional space, as well as to extract the most relevant biomechanical parameters. Clinical 3DMA opertates as the master application and supervises the data acqusition from the other devices.

From the practical point of view, it is very helpful to obtain quick results and conclusions from the analysis performed. Clinical 3DMA allows generating reports automatically including integrated data from devices, making the task significantly easier. The templates can be modified at will by the user.

The possibility of analyzing curves and raw data is often very useful for the researcher. In Clinical 3DMA it is very easy to export integrated data from all devices to CSV or ASCII files for simple import and processing in third-party software packages.

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