2020 Update for 3DMA Suite

The 2020 version of the 3DMA system has been released this month. Take a look at these main updates.

3DMA 2020.0 (03/26/2020)

New features

  • New option to import tracking data in different formats: TSV, TXT, C3D, TRC.
  • New file export format: C3D.
  • Added support for up to 8 force plates (Sports, Clinical, Human, Running).
  • Added support for force plate data streaming from OptiTrack Motive (Sports, Clinical, Human, Running).
  • Added option to export video in MPEG format.
  • New option to set a delay on the capture start.
  • New capture protocol: LESS (Landing Error Scoring System) (Sports).
  • Added support for exporting gait cycle data (Sports, Clinical, EDDO).
  • Reduced disk space used by video when recording and export, thanks to new codec.
  • Added treadmill object to 3D scene (Sports, Clinical, EDDO, Running).
  • New option to have asymmetric cranks (Cycling, Sports, EDDO).
  • Added KOPS to single-side captures (Cycling, Sports, EDDO).
  • New coordination curves on bike fitting protocols (Cycling, Sports).
  • New search options in database: search by protocol and notes.
  • Added option to sort customers by date of last capture.
  • Added PDF support in the database.
  • Remember the status of visualization per-protocol.
  • Plug-in options are now remembered.
  • New About dialog with system information.


  • Improved information provided when cameras cannot be initialized.
  • Improved information when floor calibration fails.
  • Improved documentation of protocols.
  • Improved compatibility of report templates with Microsoft Word.
  • Improved performance of “Bike fitting + bike markers” protocol (Cycling, Sports).
  • Improved marker auto-labelling for cycling protocols (Cycling, Sports).
  • Improved force plate reporting data (Sports, Clinical, Human, Running).
  • Improved precision of floor & plate calibration (Sports, Clinical, Human, Running).
  • Better real-time search in the New Capture dialog.
  • Added more normative curves to Stride Selection dialog (Clinical, Human).
  • Added information about normative curves being used on gait reports (Clinical, EDDO, Human).
  • Added swing and stance percentage to Helen Hayes report (Clinical, EDDO, Human).
  • Show treadmill speed in the metrics dashboard for gait / running protocols (Sports, Clinical, EDDO, Human, Running).
  • Improve readability of numerics of Helen Hayes with calibration (Clinical, EDDO).
  • Added toe-off information in Strides dialog (Clinical, EDDO).
  • Tweaked 3D models for jump and running protocols (Sports, EDDO, Running).
  • Reduced time to start a new capture.
  • Improved real-time visualization of calibration bar in charts.
  • Improved backward compatibility with Delsys 2000Hz EMGs.
  • Improved detection of reference frame.
  • Improved ranges for bike parts in the database (Cycling, Sports).
  • Now it is possible to delete the calibration of a force platform (Sports, Clinical, Human, Running).
  • Improved reliability of application if capture cameras fail.
  • Improved usability of capture seek when using the mouse wheel.
  • Improved usability of force platform calibration (Sports, Clinical, Human, Running).
  • Enabled reference frame redefinition (Sports, EDDO).
  • Remember the last import directory.
  • Removed deprecated bike measurement protocols (Cycling, Sports).
  • Improved overall application stability.
  • Overall performance improvements.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed sporadic crash when generating a lower body report (Clinical, EDDO, Human).
  • Fixed capture failure when golf events are not detected correctly (Sports, Golf).
  • Fixed sporadic crash in the Stride Selection dialog (Clinical, EDDO, Human).
  • Fixed a rare crash after exporting a capture interval with stride data (Clinical, EDDO, Human).
  • Fixed sporadic crash when starting a multi-report for lower body (Clinical, EDDO, Human).
  • Fixed sporadic failure in calibration.
  • Fixed issue that may remove video information when clipping a capture.
  • Fixed bug when showing charts in real-time (Cycling, Sports).
  • Fixed incorrect chart value when a marker is occluded.
  • Fixed invalid unit in bike measurement numerics (Cycling, Sports).
  • Fixed issue that may allow to stop a capture twice.
  • Fixed issue that prevented real-time update of normative data.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the correct step detection on treadmill if a marker was lost.
  • Fixed issues that prevented external devices from being synchronized using Motive.
  • Rizzoli’s pelvic rotation now is the same in stride selection and report (Clinical, Human).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented snapshots to be correctly replaced in some reports.
  • Fixed an issue that made webcams to report incorrect resolutions.
  • Fixed usability issues in the New Capture dialog.
  • Fixed issue that prevented removing events in golf protocols (Sports, Golf).
  • Fixed crash when selecting Delsys but it is not connected.
  • Fixed sporadic issues that didn’t refresh gait numerics correctly.
  • Fixed bug that prevented saving the capture date in the database.
  • Fixed usability issues in post-processing captures.
  • Fixed issue that made changing playback speed unintuitive.
  • Fixed minor glitches in user interface.
  • Fixed translation issues.

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